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Your home will be one of the largest investments in your life. Finding the right home can be difficult and time consuming venture. Before investing your time and money in the home of your dreams, have McCoy inspect the foundation. An inspection from McCoy will provide you the peace of mind needed to buy with confidence. In the event that we find something, we can help you with plan forward.


It is recommended that sellers get a condition report before listing a home. Early documentation is key to avoiding a red flag at listing. Most basement issues can be explained through a review of historical documentation.


Before buying a house, buyers should be confident in knowing that there will be no hidden basement issues with their new home. McCoy can offer a basement condition report to assist in this manner.

Miles Green

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Why McCoy Contractors should be involved for both real estate parties.

Truth is an underlining part of any real estate transaction. As sellers, you are required to list the homes condition accurately. As a buyer you rely on that report to help plan your future and make a buying decision.

You can rely on a friend, your realtor, or even your home inspector, but true confidence comes when you hire a foundation professional. Our 59 years of business have taught our experts to look for the signs of structural and seepage damage both inside and outside the home. Symptoms are exhibited in a variety of different ways, some of which are hidden, but many times we can walk through all of the questionable areas and provide you insight.