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Nature doesn’t like man-made holes in the ground, and so soils push on the walls, and water wants to fill it up like a pond. The walls of the basement are designed to keep the ground out, and drain tile systems are designed to provide a path for the water to follow. This seems simple so far, right? But it is not so simple. Just as roofs wear out over many seasons, so do foundations. The fact is, most basements weren’t designed to withstand the long term forces of Mother Nature. So what can be done? The following pages describe the most common symptoms of water infiltration into a basement space. The causes are normally due to poor landscaping and the solutions can be various and confusing. The following pages provide a general overview of potential causes and recommended action plans.

Seepage Elimination

Types of structural basement damage. McCoy Contractors

Leaks Up High
on the Wall

All water coming in up high on a basement wall is a result of improper grading. However, there are sometimes other causes.

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Staining or Leaking
in the Corners

Most corner leaks are found where outside downspouts are located. However, there are sometimes other causes.

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Seepage Where Floors
Meets the Wall

Seepage at this location is generally an indication that the drain tile system is not functioning properly.

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