What Causes Floor Cracks?

All concrete in Wisconsin cracks. Basement floors are no exception. Concrete is made of materials that shrink and expand. When concrete meets moisture and changing temperatures, cracking occurs. The problem with basement floors is that because they are poured below the frost line and no expansion joints are required, however, this results in cracking. The older a home is, the more likely it is that cracks will occur. Basement floor cracks are of little concern except if the crack begins to heave and separate and/or it meets up with a basement wall step crack. This could also just be an indication of settlement.

Recommended Action

If you have any floor cracks of concern, please take a picture and attach the picture to the contact form, below. One of our analysts will get back to you with an opinion. Epoxy paints and self-leveling materials can be used to cover the cracks if desired. We can offer suggestions as to which brands may work for your basement.

Causes of basement issues are normally attributed to these three factors.

Can you spot the issues?
Improper Site Specific Design | Poor Construction | Lack of Maintenance

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