This statement may be alarming and it was meant to be. However, please understand that not all cracks are serious to the point of repair. As a matter of a fact, all concrete cracks. The old saying is “With a batch of concrete comes a batch of cracks.” As a matter of design concrete driveways, for instance, have expansion joints placed to control these cracks. The complication of diagnosing a structural crack must take into consideration all of the surrounding circumstances.

Foundation Repairs

Types of structural basement damage. McCoy Contractors

Horizontal Cracks

Horizontal cracks visible on a foundation wall are evidence of a potentially serious problem.

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Vertical Cracks

Most vertical cracks are of little concern. However, some vertical cracks may be indicative of a more serious settlement problem.

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Step Cracks

Step cracks normally occur after a house was just built and are very common. However, if step cracks appear to be widening over time, it could be an indication of settlement.

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Shear Cracks

Horizontal cracking on the bottom course of block is an indication of a serious wall failure, and should be evaluated.

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Floor Cracks

Floor cracks are very common and found in most every basement. On occasion, however, floor cracks may indicate a more serious issue.

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Repairs that stand the test of time.

Quite simply, the purpose of foundation walls is to keep the house up, and keep the ground out. The fact is, most cracks in a foundation are cosmetic in nature. Like old age begets wrinkles, old homes beget cracks.

Basement and structural cracking analysis is not an amateur sport. If you have any questions or concerns, Mccoy is here to help. About 80% of the homeowners that we visit to investigate structural cracks do not require a basement repair.

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