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Cracks in a foundation are normal. Some are serious and some are not.

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Basement Waterproofing

Basically basements are holes in the ground that want to fill up with water, but leaking and moisture can be controlled.

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Bonnie Wolfgram , Homeowner

"Kept me informed about work & when they would be here, did a wonderful job. "

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McCoy Contractors has provided over 10,000 successful foundation repairs in the greater Milwaukee area since 1956. The McCoy philosophy for success is to provide honest, courteous, and guaranteed service to every customer. This is achieved through the teamwork of experienced and dedicated craftsmen. We are a full-service company that handles problems that range from patching cracks to rebuilding entire basements.

As a family company, our name is respected for its honest repairs that last the test of time at a fair price. Our reputation since 1956 is built on our commitment to customers, its team of craftsmen, and our community. We are especially proud to bring awareness to the Macc Fund’s fight against childhood cancer.

Since 1956 and 10,000 completed projects. We have always asked our customers what more can we do. After completing the repair and completing their service with cleanliness and attention to detail we get asked… “We wish you did more.” At McCoy, we take customer satisfaction so seriously that a trusted relationship is established. Customers years later call and ask, “Can you help us with our porch?” “Do you know a plumber?” “Can you do carpentry?” So, as a result, we have created this special website Exclusively for our previous customers. This unique service allows our previous customers to ask home improvement questions or referrals for other services.



When my wife told me about it, I flew down the stairs, just about in full panic.A Basement Repair in Milwaukee

It was early fall, beautiful outside, and our home, where we had lived for 12 years, was ready for the winter.

But the panic set in when my wife came shouted at me from the basement. She wanted me to come down. Now!

I thought something had fallen on her or something and climbed down to find her standing in front of the cement block wall, pointing at it.

“Look at that,” she said. “Oh my god.”

What she was pointing at was a crack in the wall. Not a huge crack, but big enough to notice It looked just terrible, running from about a foot below the ceiling down to about two feet above the floor.

The first thought that jumped into my head was that our home was falling down. Silly, I know, but that’s what I thought.

I knew this was well beyond my handyman skills, so I went online to look for somebody who could come and fix our basement.

I looked online and found a company that sounded good. “Free Estimates.” “Lowest Prices.” “The Best work.”

I called and the very next day an “expert” came out and we went down to the basement together. He was a young man, eager and clean cut. He looked kind of grim.

He hemmed and hawed as he looked at the crack, taking a measurement or two, putting his palm against the wall, pushing against the wall. He looked up where the wall joined the joists in the unfinished ceiling. He shook his head a lot. He was wearing a coat a tie.

He had a clipboard and took a bunch of notes. He took photos.”

“Don’t worry,” he said. “We can fix this. Let me call you tomorrow with a plan.”

I spent a night, tossing and turning, hoping that the house would stay up until the next day and about 10 a.m. he called.

He said he had run the numbers on their “elaborate and foolproof program” and had even run it by the foreman. I will never forget what he said. “We have a foolproof plan that will save your foundation.”

Then came the news that the job would take “only 4 days and that it would cost out at just under $13,000. I felt sick to my stomach. I didn’t have that kind of money laying around, but it was my house. I could take a second mortgage.

I told him I’d get back to him the next day after I called my bank.

But then, luck struck. Good luck.

My wife demanded I get a second opinion. “You’d get a second opinion before heart surgery,” she said. “Do the same thing now.” When my wife demanded, I always obeyed. Happy Wife, Happy Life.

repairing a foundation in Brookfield

I had seen the television ads for McCoy Contractors, so I called.

The very next day (JOHN, BOB, BILL, DANNY, WHOEVER) came out. He was informal and looked like a man who had seen a lot of life. He was calm and smiled when we met.

Down to the basement, we went. And it took just a couple of seconds.

He looked at the crack. No measure measurements. No palm against the wall. No staring at the joists.

“You’ve got nothing to worry about right now,” said with a smile. “What you’ve got is perfectly normal in a house like this.”

He went on the explain that a vertical crack like this didn’t indicate a severe and urgent problem. The foundation would probably need some repair before too long, but nothing had to be done now.

He suggested that he come out and look at it every few months or so and help me keep track of it. When it was time to fix it, he said McCoy would handle the job before things got too dangerous or desperate.

Finally, I could breathe again. I went out and bought my wife a present, and felt safe and sound.

Thank God for McCoy.


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