Foundation Repair & Cracks

Cracks in a foundation are normal. Some are serious and some are not.

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Basement Waterproofing

Basically basements are holes in the ground that want to fill up with water, but leaking and moisture can be controlled.

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Real Estate & Inspection

Foundation issues can be a serious red flag. Buyers and sellers need to know the facts.

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Katie Mohr , Homeowner

"The McCoy team explained everything well - easy to make a decision on the work to be done. Perfect – Courteous, friendly and perfectly done!!"

Get to know Milwaukee’s Oldest and Largest
Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing Team of Specialists

McCoy Contractors has provided over 20,000 successful foundation repairs in the greater Milwaukee area since 1956. The McCoy philosophy for success is to provide honest, courteous, and guaranteed service to every customer. This is achieved through the teamwork of experienced and dedicated craftsman. We are a full service company that handles problems that range from patching cracks to rebuilding entire basements.

As a family company our name is respected for it’s honest repairs that last the test of time at a fair price. Our reputation since 1956 is built on our commitment to customers, its team of craftsman, and our community. We are especially proud to bring awareness to the Macc Fund’s fight against childhood cancer.

Since 1956 and 20,000 completed projects. We have always asked our customers what more can we do. After completing the repair and completing their service with cleanliness and attention to detail we get asked… “We wish you did more.” At McCoy we take customer satisfaction so seriously that a trusted relationship is established. Customers years later call and ask, “Can you help us with our porch?”, “Do you know a plumber?”, “Can you do carpentry?”. So as a result we have created this special website Exclusively for our previous customers. This unique service allows our previous customers to ask home improvement questions or referrals for other services.