What Causes Low Leaks?

The causes of basement leaks can be as simple as improper grading on the outside of the home. However, basement leaks where the floor meets the wall are likely an indication that water is not reaching the drain tile. There are many factors and site conditions that can result in basement seepage at this location. There is only one way to uncover the underlying cause and that is through opening up inspection holes. Even the most experienced basement expert cannot accurately determine the condition of the drain tile without a visual inspection. Determining the underlying cause of seepage in this location is vital to designing the appropriate repair.

Recommended Action

Establish and maintain a pitch of 1-inch per foot extending from the wall of the house out, as far as feasible. Downspouts and sump pump discharge pipes should also extend as far away from the foundation as possible. If water seepage continues to occur, even after the proper pitch has been achieved, please use the contact us form or call (262) 781-4045.

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