What Causes Staining or Leaking?

Corner water leaking or staining is typically the result of clogged gutters or malfunctioning downspouts. Sometimes downspouts become disconnected during mowing or other activities in the yard. Years of neglect can result in saturated soils on the outside of the basement wall which can deteriorate the exterior coating. Concrete blocks are porous and absorb moisture from the soils. This results in a capillary staining on the interior of the basement wall. The staining in and of itself is not a problem, but rather a symptom of the problem. Staining and leaking are two different problems. If water is not able to reach the outside drain tile, then a more serious problem may exist.

What’s Next

Establish and maintain a pitch of 1-inch per foot extending from the wall of the house out, as far as feasible. Downspouts and sump pump discharge pipes should also extend as far away from the foundation as possible. If water seepage continues to occur in the corner, even after the proper pitch has been achieved, please use the contact us form or call (262) 781-4045.

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